Well rules are vital of course. Anyway, please follow them and if you have any questions please contact me.

  1. No hentai based images should be permitted onto this site. They will be removed immediatly and the poster will be punished by being banned for a week.
  2. Do not be rude to the other members. Banning will take place if this harassment continues.
  3. Tampering or messing with a article will result in Banning as well.
  4. Fanon outside of userpages are not permitted. Go to the Powerpuff Girl fanon wiki for that. This means do not mix opinions with real facts by saying "I think Buttercup really likes Butch. Despite acting the way she does." This also means not to add your fan character information to the articles such as "Belinda takes after Blossom the most, she acts as if Blossom is a idol and is consistantly following her around when she can."
  5. Articles Must be well written and if yours is removed do not complain.
  6. Everyone will be warned and given a day to fix whatever mistake they do.
  7. Before making massive changes to pages, or making a article in general. Message me first.

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