Well I decided to remake my blog entry on rules, to clarify better and out of boredom I guess XD Please read them, for they are very important :3


  1. The most important rule: Before you make massive changes, message me first!
  2. Articles must be well written, if I remove an article that does not meet typical wiki standards it will be removed if it cannot be fixed.
  3. Tampering or messing with articles will result in banning.
  4. Please do not be rude to other members. If a fight is occuring, or you think someone has wronged you then message me first and I shall decide. I take no sides in an arguement so do not think if you get away with something that I will let you go just because we are friends.
  5. Please do not upload Hentai/adult/dirty images. I wish for this wiki to be suitable for all ages and there is to be no mixing non-official art with official topics to begin with. Even on your pages. If this should occur they will be removed immediatly and the uploader will be banned.
  6. To fit with the above, FANON does not mix with CANON (official) information or work. For example, on Blossoms page by relations. Do not add in your fancharacter or opinions by saying "Berry is Blossoms closest sister and friend." or "Blossom and Brick are in love with each other." I have a Powerpuff girl Fanon wiki for such things. In the comments section is a link to it.

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