Host: It's the game show where we put contestants behind the wall and ask the best of fire. Tonight all three of our contestants have one big thing in comets. Contestant one do you know what that is?

Buttercup: Um uh hold on. I tell you. Let's see. Let's see. Let's think about that. Oh i have hair.

Blossom: I have hair.

Bubbles: Um i too have the hair.

Buttercup: Yes. We all have hair. I have a winner. I have a winner.

Host: Oh no contestant one. Of course you all have hair. But then again most mammels do.

Buttercup: I'm no mammel dude. I'm a monkey. Buttercup.

Blossom: I'm a monkey. Blossom buttercup and the guy who is next to me we're all monkeys.

Host: That's right contestant three. Congratulations. You won.

Bubbles: Remember keep asking lots and lots of questions. Got it? Good. So good night everybody. Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite.

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