Directed ByEdit

  • Craig McCracken
  • Chris Wedge

Produced ByEdit

  • Rob Minkoff
  • Chris Meledandri

Written ByEdit

  • Robert Zemeckis

Executive ProducerEdit

  • Tim Burton

Based on the Television Series and Story for Created ByEdit

  • Craig McCracken


  • Jill Culton
  • Kirk DeMicco
  • Shane Acker

Animation SupervisorEdit

  • Butch Hartman

Visual Effects SupervisorEdit

  • Carl Jason Burton


  • E.G. Daily
  • Catherine Cavadini
  • Tara Strong

Casting ByEdit

  • Jason Edelman


Blossom Catherine Cavadini
Bubbles Tara Strong
Buttercup E.G. Daily
Mojo Jojo Roger L. Jackson
Professor Utonium Tom Kane
Narrator & Mayor Tom Kenny
Fibonacci Sequins Ringo Starr
Soul Hayride Dancer Grey DeLisle
Soul Hayride Host Kevin Michael Richardson
Opera Singer/Blue Fairy Catherine Cavadini
Sara Bellum Jennifer Martin

Additional VoicesEdit

Roger L. Jackson Catherine Cavadini Tara Strong
Tom Kane Tom Kenny Grey DeLisle
Kevin Michael Richardson Jennifer Martin David P. Smith

ADR Loop GroupsEdit

Bianca Ciamico Jeff Glenn Bennett Jack Angel
S. Scott Bullock Fred Tatasciore Frank W. Welker
Tress MacNeille John Kassir Jess Harnell
Bill Farmer Debi Derryberry Mickie T. McGowan
Ollie Johnston Frank Thomas Michael Bird
Rodger Bumpass Brian Tochi

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