Beginning in July 28th 2000, season 3 ended feburary 9th 2001 with 13 episodes.

Episode ListEdit

  1. Fallen Arches
  2. The Mane Event
  3. Town and Out
  4. Child Fearing
  5. Criss Cross Crisis
  6. Bubbevision
  7. Bought and Scold
  8. Gettin' Twiggy with it
  9. Cop Out
  10. Three Girls and a Monster
  11. Monkey see, Doggy two
  12. Jewel of the Isle
  13. Super Zeroes
  14. Candy is Dandy
  15. Catastrophie
  16. Hot Air Bafoon
  17. Ploys R' Us
  18. Helter Shelter
  19. Power Lunch
  20. Powerprof.
  21. The Headsuckers Moxy
  22. Equal Fights
  23. Moral Decay
  24. Meet the Beat Alls


  • In this season the girls did a lot of bad things.
  1. Tricking the Professor for toys
  2. Buttercup beating up people for money
  3. Using Mojo Jojo for candy
  4. Hiding a animal
  5. Taunting Bubbles for her glasses

But as their little girls, this may be justified as they didn't know better...

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