1. Here come the Girlz!
  2. Here are the girlz!
  3. Gentle Bubbles
  4. Girlz come Together!
  5. Girlz and Family Bonding
  6. Mojo's Revenge!
  7. Observation Tower Crash!
  8. Fuzzy Lumpkins!
  9. Princess Himeko!
  10. Momoko's Love
  11. Evil Trio!? Amoeba Boys
  12. Seductive Sedusa!
  13. Coach Kaoru's Spartan Soccer!
  14. Fuzzy in Love!
  15. The Charisma Elegant Monster!
  16. Princess goes Outer Space!
  17. Chase the Cake-Thief!
  18. Bubbles of First Love
  19. Amoeba Boys Learn from Mojo!
  20. Revenge of the Camera Monster!
  21. Gangreen Gang!
  22. The targeted Fashion Show!
  23. Man of Honor! Ramen Monster!
  24. Woe! Secrets of the Princess
  25. Don't miss the Photo-op!
  26. Brotherly Love! Electric wave Monster!
  27. Monster Tag Team battle
  28. Lamenting Piano Lesson!
  29. All Mighty! Ms. Keane
  30. Rowdyruff Boys
  31. Rubber Duckie Monster
  32. Escape of the hated Veggies
  33. Him, the Ultimate Evil
  34. Love Tale of the Kabuki Monster
  35. Who is the King of insects!
  36. Ken's search for new buddies
  37. Prankster Stationary
  38. Roses, Noses, and Hannah!
  39. Save Santa!
  40. Make'em and Eat'em! Sushi Monsters
  41. Peach and Sapphire
  42. Ladies Tag Battle!
  43. Lets go to the Dentist!
  44. Saturday Powerpuff Fever
  45. Girls and Him!
  46. Funta's Rolling Spirit
  47. Sedusa's Love Game
  48. Hooked on Momoko!
  49. Momoko's no lede to Neapolitan!
  50. Keane no Doujou, Mojo no Aijou!
  51. The House where Ghost live!?
  52. We're not just Weeds!
  53. Compassion Law for Monsters!
  54. Girlz, Break up!?
  55. Tobidasu Manga no Monster!
  56. Girls, Kyuugyou!
  57. We are the Torimakees!
  58. Little Ken's big Wish
  59. Girlz in Quarantine!
  60. Girls, Tv, and a big Present!?
  61. Demashita! Shirogane Z
  62. Girlz Interchange!
  63. Powerpuff Rowdyruff Boys!
  64. Rescue the Kidnapped Scientist!
  65. Liar Momoko's Disaster!
  66. Kaoru Loves Biceps!
  67. Momoko and the Frog Prince
  68. The day Sedusa disappears!?
  69. Danger! Girlz vs Him
  70. Mojo and Keane's romantic Journey!
  71. Here come the Powerpuff Kids!
  72. The Miracle of Bubble Freedom
  73. All or nothing!? Love-Love Beam!
  74. Mojo's day at the Hospital!
  75. PPGZ Knock-out Union!
  76. Girlz, Beyond time and Space!
  77. The Girlz' final Battle!

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