Pokey Oaks is the kindergarden where the PowerPuff Girls attend. In "Stuck Up, Up And Away!" Princess Snorebucks was a new member (who was als a new member of the Gangreen Gang) of the kindergarden. In The PowerPuff Girls Z, the girls are teenagers so, Pokey Oaks is a high school. Some say these Japenese caracters have a high school and all the time it was a high school, and others say the kindergarten must have involved.

Blossom is the smartest in Pokey Oaks, as she is the leader of The PowerPuff Girls. Bubbles is unknown, with about 2 likes. Buttercup has 4 likes, and Blossom has 11. The teacher, Miss Whine (known to whine a lot), is very rude and hates the PowerPuff Girls and often calls them, "The Ugly Poos." That is all we know about Pokey Oaks, BYEBYE!

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