This page belongs to Merchandise people have claimed to be real. Most of these can be found on ebay or just from doing random searches.

For real Merchandise see: Merchandise

Plush toysEdit

Fake merch

Bubbles, Bumblebee? Buttercup, and! Bunny?

These dolls were seen around a image search, the Bubbles and Buttercup seen fine, minus small oddities like two thin rings on the dresses instead of one thick one. But Blossom was turned yellow, while a entirely new girl was made, she has blossoms eyes and outfit but had purple pulled back hair with a tiny ribbon.


Someone on youtube had put up a video for "Wind up toys" and self admitted that they were made by them. These were four wind ups including Mojo in a yellow object/vehicle and the PPG's riding small trikes.

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